The Main Ingredient at Carmelo’s Coat of Arms

When I was a child and scuffed an elbow or a knee, the first person I went to was my mother. She made everything better. A hug and a kiss were all I needed to stop the crying. For more sympathy, she would cook my favorite meal. Pan-fried pork chops, applesauce, and rice pilaf. I realized then that the meal my mother prepared for me comforted me. It warmed me up inside. The pain was all gone, at least for those moments.

In good times and in bad, who do we gravitate towards? Our family. Just like a regular family, a restaurant family is no different. Working in perfect harmony is the goal. At the end of dinner service, we look back on the night to see if we could have done things better or differently. If we experienced any setbacks in the night we would address them and make some food. We have to take care of each and every guest like our own family.

In the restaurant business, it’s all about creating lasting relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers. Like a well-written song, add the harmony and you are transcended to another place. Welcome to Carmelo’s.