Cooking with the Family
About The Show
Uniting a family through the power of food.
Uniting a family through the power of food.

Carmelo's is a TV show based on a real restaurant named Carmelo's Coat of Arms that is located in the picturesque village of Lewiston, NY. The show is about two main characters named Marco (fictional character) and Carmelo (fictional character played by the actual owner of Carmelo's Coat of Arms restaurant) who have been lifelong friends since the days of the friendly rivalry between their fathers' Italian restaurants.

Our story begins as Marco makes an unexpected visit to his hometown with his wife Samantha and his daughter Stella. He wastes no time catching up over dinner with his mother Maria and his best friend Carmelo. During dinner, Marco and Carmelo confide in each other the envy they feel about the other’s life choices, but they quickly come to the realization that they are both in a midlife funk. That is when they decide it's time to shake things up and hatch a plan to create a cooking show. However, before they begin, Carmelo wants to demonstrate the essence of cooking to Marco. Our journey begins as we see Carmelo, along with his staff of eccentric characters, show Marco what cooking means to him.

TV Pilot
Dinner & Show

TV Pilot Premiere and Dinner

One of our goals for this show was to promote the restaurant by creating an experiential event. We went about this by having the premiere of the show at the restaurant, but in addition to the screening, our guests were entertained with a Q&A with the actors, live opera singing by Victor (played by Lee Stevens), and one of the most anticipated parts of the night, the four-course meal of dishes that were highlighted or discussed during the show. We were surprised by the demand, with the first screening selling out within the first two hours, which led us to have a second screening that ended up selling out within 24 hours.

Both nights were truly magical. Our guests enjoyed the show and sat down together in a family-style fashion to enjoy the delicious meal together as one big family.

Here is what was on the menu:
Antipasti: Crispy Polenta in Tomato Sugo, Parmigiano Reggiano, Marinated Olives, Pickled Eggplant

Primi: Ravioli of Chives & Ricotta with Porcini Mushroom Sauce

Piatti Unici:
Porchetta au Jus (Savory Roasted Pork), Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Cabbage Salad

Dolci: “Puffy Creams”, Fig and Pistachio Biscotti, Bittersweet Chocolate Cookie, Black Truffle Goat Chevre with Organic Honeycomb

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Played by Carmelo Raimondi - He continues to carry on his father’s legacy by delighting local residents with farm-to-table dishes that come from his heart and soul. But Carmelo feels that there is a higher calling waiting for him.Read More
Played by Alessandro Renzi - Determined to create his own path in life, Marco didn’t want to have anything to do with his father’s restaurant. After an unsuccessful career in Hollywood, he is in the midst of rethinking all his life decisions when he has to make an unexpected trip back home.Read More
Played by Sara Jo Kukulka - There was a time when Mamma Maria's life was perfect, but when her son decided to move to L.A. and her husband died, she quickly found her world was turning upside down.Read More
Played by Isabella Renzi - Marco’s daughter, Stella, is a very optimistic and carefree person that truly enjoys life to the fullest. She also has a crazy appetite and seems to always be eating.Read More
Played by Cortney Costanzo - Samantha is a supportive wife and caring mother. However, she has started to sense that her ambitious husband has begun to doubt himself, and she worries that his self-doubt could bring changes to their life that she is not ready for.Read More
Played by Lee Stevens - Where is Victor from? What is his story? Who knows! Victor is a mystery, and don’t try to ask him any questions because he doesn’t really talk much.Read More
Played by Ikenna Nnuji - Ode has always been there to help Carmelo through any tough times. Ode believes that since he couldn’t help his family, it is his calling to help every man or woman he meets.Read More
Played by Rosalina Nicoletti - Rosalina sees the restaurant as the family she never had. She is a firecracker that doesn’t have much patience for stupidity. And, bitter about the hand that she was dealt, she's willing to take on the universe.Read More
Played by Jessica Bennett Gawronski - She began to work at Carmelo’s as a waitress her freshman year and is still working there as a senior. She loves to entertain guests with her skits and singing. However, her biggest skill is as Carmelo's negotiator, for anything and everything.Read More
Played by Diane Bancroft-Billings - Mrs. Wilson is a widow that runs the pig farm where Carmelo sources his organic pork. Let's just say that she is a bit strange.Read More
Played by Kelly Bancroft-Billings - Dr. Jackson has been Marco's good friend since they were kids and is now the doctor that everyone relies on in the villiage of Lewiston.Read More
Played by Tim Baxter - Farmer John may appear intimidating with his his big tall frame, but he is just one big teddy bear.Read More
Played by Mark Butera - Mark is a connoisseur of wines and enjoys nothing more than when Ode comes to his shop, since he knows it will result in a fun conversation about all the wines in the world.Read More
The Main Ingredient at Carmelo’s Coat of Arms
When I was a child and scuffed an elbow or a knee, the first person I went to was my mother. She made everything better. A hug and a kiss were all I needed to stop the crying. For more sympathy, she would cook my favorite meal. Pan-fried pork chops, applesauce, and rice pilaf. I realized...

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